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Sugar Sugar Rune: Season 1 Episode 49

Queen's final test, begin!

The final test of the Queen selection starts! The test is to obtain a unicorn’s horn. However, it is unapproachable unless the person has a kind heart and sincerity, then the white unicorn will appear. Approaching to the mountain where the unicorn lives, both of the girls met a boy with light hair, who takes care of the mountain. He gave Chocolat a compass and runs away. Upon reaching the mountain, Chocolat and Vanilla go separate ways, but eventually meet each other on the journey. Pierre appears, but he doesn’t have the heart to kill them at all. After fighting with his two hearts, withdraws. The boy with light hair appears and scolded the girls for harming the mountain, admoishing the girls to leave as the unicorn would surely punish him for it. However, Chocolat insists to staying (Vanilla as well), willing to take what punishment the unicorn would impose. And the boy begins to glow…

Jun. 10, 2006

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