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Sugar Sugar Rune: Season 1 Episode 47

Frozen memories, Piere’s past

Still on the quest of helping Vanilla get rid of her black heart, Chocolat and her friends seek out the last ingredient to make a powerful magic. Together with her friends they seek out to find the silver berry. The search led them to Ginger Village where Chocolat used to play as a child. There she met two old people who used to give her ginger cookies and they reminisce old times. It was there that the dog they brought to smell the silver berry led them to the forest where the ogres live. There Chocolat saw Pierre and flashes from the previous episode where they saw the picture of them together when they were children. Chocolat decided to use magic in order to see her forgotten past and so did Pierre. So they team up and they saw that when they were children they used to play in the forest and eat ginger cookies and a red berry. Suddenly a group of ogres came and took Pierre and placed a black heart in him which made him forget about his childhood and about Chocolat.

May. 27, 2006

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