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Sugar Sugar Rune: Season 1 Episode 24

Bye bye, Heart-shaped Hair Accessory

Chocolat has got herself a heart-shaped hair clip, spiked with a little magic to keep herself shine among the boys, who soon become as tired as zombies because they keep getting their love-hearts drained by the power of the hair clip. One boy, however, seemed rather immune to this power… And Chocolat seems to have gotten herself another admirer. He tells her about how she inspired him to keep on going on and not to give up. Later, she finds him practising, then goes to his room and gives him a wonderful dream to consider. The next day, she sees him having a great time and takes his heart that is pink. Later that night when she is talking to Vanilla she thanks him for what he has given her – a bright and beautiful pink heart.

Dec. 10, 2005

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