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Sugar Sugar Rune: Season 1 Episode 18

Super Scary! Halloween Test of Courage!?

Halloween is coming up, and Chocolat volunteered substituting Vanilla for a membership in the Commission of Halloween Activities…aka Prince Pierre’s fan club! Gulp! Surprisingly, Chocolat’s suggestion has been passed. and one of its members, Yurika, is kindly offering Chocolat to her grand mansion of a home for further discussions on the activity. They had become good friends and Chocolat’s suggestion was a big hit. But then when it was time for Chocolat to light the Bonfire, she was locked in by the members (Pierre’s fan club) and was stuck inside. Pierre then went to Chocolat and made it look like he was planning to get them out. Then Yurika then unlocks the door seeing Chocolat’s hand being held by Pierre but soon lets go. Chocolat saw her Black heart and was thinking that it’s because of her. But Chocolat was happy seeing that Yurika and her were still good friends after that.

Oct. 29, 2005

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